Saturday night – 05/12/2007

Just so I remember… the menu for 5/12 was.

Grilled chicken drumsticks (marinated for 2 hr in red wine vinegar, lemon juice/zest, oil).
Couscous w/pine nuts & dried cranberries
Sauteed diced zucchini
Roasted cauliflower

Strawberry shortcakes for dessert

The cauliflower in particular received rave reviews. It may be because I accidentally put more salt than I would have by choice (that’s what happens when the kosher salt container slips in your hand). It was very flavorful. I added a bit of lemon zest at the end.

Saturday night – 05/05/2007

So it’s been a while since I posted in this LJ. What with the kitchen remodel and what not there wasn’t much cooking going on during the month of March and early April.

This past week was the first time in 2 months that we had friends over for Saturday night dinner. Once the kitchen remodel was done and the migration of kitchen supplies concluded Ted and I enjoyed a couple of meals by ourselves before opening the kitchen for the usual mayhem of Saturday night. Everything went well in my estimation though my timing seemed a bit off, at least to me.

Ted’s guacamole & chips
Good Eats Meatloaf, supersized
Tater tots
Roasted Maple-Mustard Green Beans
Steamed carrots

Ted made very tasty brownies for dessert. Friend Tom brought 2 lovely bottles of wine which disappeared with little effort.

Total dinners == 9 adults & 6 children. A good start.