Saturday night – 06/02/2007

Ten for dinner this week and ted_badger did most of the actual cooking since I expected to be at work all day long. It was rather warm and I wished I had found the time to drag the a/c out of the garage at some point. Of course the next day it was 60 degrees out.

“Swedish” meatballs
Egg noodles with just a touch of olive oil
Sauteed carrots and onions
Steamed broccoli with cheese sauce
Tomato-basil bread (from Panera Bread)
Zucchini bread for dessert

I’m still getting used to a stove with more than 2 settings. I think the pan was too hot when I cooked the first batch of meatballs. They didn’t want to let go and I end up having to use a spatula to release them before I could turn them to brown the other side. I had it figured out for the second batch. I also put too much cream in the sauce (almost double what Ted called for) so it wasn’t as flavorful as it could have been.

Panera puts some type of sugar glaze on the tomato-basil bread which is unexpected. Not bad, just not what I think of from a savory sounding name.

Ted modified a Betty Crocker recipe for zucchini bread to create the one we had. Hopefully he’ll write down the recipe.



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