Saturday night – 06/23/2007

Breakfast for dinner this week.

Waffles ala Alton Brown
blueberry sauce & maple syrup
lots of bacon
chicken and apple sausage links
veggie sausage patties

Ted created a very tasty apple-fennel pie for dessert. The husband knows how to make a tasty pie crust.

Here are some minor details under here for me to remember…

  • I made a triple batch of waffle mix.
  • used 5 scoops with the large disher per waffle.
  • we ended up with 13 waffles (4 squares) and they were gone, gone, gone
  • each waffle took 5-8 minutes
  • 2 #s bacon, 2 #s sausage links, 1 pkg veggie patties


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