Saturday night – 08/25/2007

I’ve been a bit of a slacker updating this. I may try to back date a couple of entries for previous Saturday night menus. Even if no one else looks at this it does make a handy reference for me to see when the last time I served X, Y or Z.

The goal this week was to heat the house up as little as possible in preparing dinner. Since we hosted my sister’s bday last Sunday with hamburgers & hotdogs I wanted to avoid that this week. Here’s the menu from last night.

Rigatoni with pseudo-homemade sauce
Sweet Italian sausages & meatballs
Ted’s green salad & cherry tomatoes
Frosty Lemon Chiffon Pie

The meatball recipe is adapted from one in Cook’s Illustrated for well-done hamburgers on the grill (July ’06 issue). I doubled the recipe, which made about 30 meatballs. I browned them in the electric skillet, added some sauce & diced tomatoes, and cooked them through. About 20 minutes before serving I sliced up the previously cooked sausages, added them to the meatballs and brought everything back up to temp. I still have about half the sausages & meatballs leftover so I could probably make a single recipe of the meatballs (1.5# of hamburg vs. the 3# I used) and 1 pkg of sausages vs. the 2 I cooked.

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