Saturday night – 09/08/2007

My husband asked for turkey this week. That got me thinking about Thanksgiving and the traditional dishes. I wanted to go a little different and here’s what we ended up with.

Asian-spiced fried turkey legs & breast with Cranberry Dipping Sauce
Stuffing (or is it dressing when it isn’t cooked in the bird)
Gingered Yams
Sauteed onions and corn

Vanilla ice cream (thanks badgary for fetching it)


My goodness the turkey was a pain in the butt this time. Ted did most of the work here and observed, not for the first time, that Ming Tsai’s recipes have no concept of the actual amounts needed for a recipe. Ted used a lot more to make up the marinade for the turkey (which wasn’t the pain). The pain was in the frying. They just took forever. We ended up letting them finish up in the oven since the skin was mahogany colored and the internal temp wasn’t where it should be. Maybe next time we bone the suckers.

The same ingredient amount problem affected the yams. They would be better called garlic yams since that was the dominate flavor. In part I think boiling the yams pulled much of their natural flavor from them – perhaps baked or even roasted they would have held up to the garlic. If I do them again I think I’ll drop the garlic altogether. One other thing on the yams – the were the color of melted circus peanuts. Interesting.

I was very pleased with the corn and I’ll probably write up a recipe for it. I love fresh corn, it is oh so much tastier than frozen.

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