Saturday night – 09/22/2007

This week we celebrated miss_jenith‘s birthday. When I asked what she wanted for dinner all she mentioned was pineapple upside down cake. So I went with a semi-regular menu which I knew she enjoyed

Baked Ham
Potato & cheddar perogies (with sauteed onions & sour cream)
Kidney & Lima bean succotash

Pineapple upside down cake (Cook’s Illustrated)


This is a very easy menu. Probably the most complicated item was dessert, which ted_badger handled, so the rest was a piece of cake. About the only thing that is difficult is not overcooking the succotash.

The succotash recipe is from my copy of Joy of Cooking. It’s essentially reduced heavy cream, frozen lima beans, frozen corn, canned kidney beans, a knob of butter and a few stems of thyme. I defrost the frozen stuff in the microwave before adding it to the reduced heavy cream. The kidney bean are well rinsed.

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