Saturday night – 10/13/2007

Back to basics this week. Fall seems to have arrived with a crisp breeze and mild temps. Full house for dinner too, which was wonderful. Here is the menu.

Roast chicken
Mashed potatoes
Vegetarian “gravy”
Steamed carrots
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Cranberry sauce

Giant cranberry cookie (I think ted_badger has a recipe somewhere in his blog)

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Saturday night – 10/06/2007

It’s been a while since I made anything with lamb for dinner. I had come up with a lamb patty recipe back in January and I wanted to see if it would translate to an entree. I think it was fairly successful.

Lamb patties
Bulgar & Green Lentil Pilaf
Steamed wax beans
Raita (a sauce made from greek yogurt, sour cream, seeded cucumber & mint)
Sourdough pumpernickel bread

Hot Cross buns for dessert (courtesy of my husband Ted)

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