Saturday night – 10/06/2007

It’s been a while since I made anything with lamb for dinner. I had come up with a lamb patty recipe back in January and I wanted to see if it would translate to an entree. I think it was fairly successful.

Lamb patties
Bulgar & Green Lentil Pilaf
Steamed wax beans
Raita (a sauce made from greek yogurt, sour cream, seeded cucumber & mint)
Sourdough pumpernickel bread

Hot Cross buns for dessert (courtesy of my husband Ted)

For the lamb I doubled the recipe. I think the juice of 2 lemons was a bit much. Otherwise they were tasty, particularly with the raita. The double batch made 15 full size patties, which I grilled about 8 minutes total (internal temp of ~145F).

The Raita recipe was from Joy of Cooking. Very simple and quite tasty.

The sourdough pumpernickel bread is a boule Ted and I made at our last yeast bread class on Sept. 29th. Since we were going away that night we froze the bread wrapped in a double layer of aluminum foil. We thawed it on the counter for about 4 hours and it held up well.

P.S. we were away last weekend so there wasn’t a Saturday night and thus there isn’t a menu missing.

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