Christmas Eve 2007

As has become something of a tradition we invited friends without plans to join us Christmas Eve for dinner. As this tends to be a childless gathering we up the ante on ourselves, cooking something new or time consuming or both.

My husband and I recently watched an episode of Kylie Kwong‘s Simply Magic where she made a poached duck. It looked tasty and I decided that would be the Christmas Eve centerpiece this year. It was more work than I expected however it came out very tasty. I sliced the breast thin and we served it on Chinese moo shi pancakes with an assortment of raw vegetables & a couple of sauces.

I rounded out the menu with a veggie pad thai and stir fried baby bok choi. Dessert was a chai tea custard.

Hope everyone ate well over the holidays!

Saturday night – 12/15/2007

Shopping at BJ’s this week I found some pork tenderloin and thought to myself, we haven’t had pork in a while, why not this week. That’s how the menu gets formed some weeks, by what I find while shopping. Here’s the menu from this week.

Pork Tenderloin with Apples & Onions
Homemade applesauce
Roasted potatoes with rosemary
Mashed butternut squash
Roasted Brussels sprouts (by Ted)

Golden raisin & cranberry muffins for dessert

The pork was delicious. I was afraid it would be overly mustardy however the mustard & fennel flavors were mild and the pork flavor came through. I cooked about 3.5#s of tenderloin and it was all devoured. Must make a note of the recipe for the future.


Saturday night – 12/01/2007

The weather is winter appropriate and so our thoughts turned to soup when we were trying to figure out a menu for this week.

Vegetable soup with bow ties
Meatballs for adding to the soup as desired
Green salad with roasted red peppers, toasted pine nuts and a soy-toasted sesame seed oil vinaigrette
Hearty bread

Dessert was an applesauce spice bundt cake. Jenith also brought over a Boston Cream Pie. Both were devoured.

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