Holiday Party 2008

Our annual holiday party was last night. Here’s a recap of what we served.

Guacamole & chips
Stuffed mushrooms
Veggie spring rolls
Dilled Shrimp mini-quiches
Chicken satay
Brie bites

Fennel & orange salad
Vegetable Frittata
Cumin dusted sweet potato “fries”
Orange-marinated turkey breast (from The Way We Cook)
Curried chicken salad on pumpernickel
Ted’s vegetarian chili & rice casserole

Blueberry gingerbread (from The Way We Cook)
Pine nut tart
Mini carrot cake w/cream cheese icing
Fruit cake

I had a couple of principles that I worked with this year. The first was that I didn’t want to be “stuck” in the kitchen cooking while the party was going on. Among other things that meant no deep fried goodness this year. Another guiding item was that Ted could only help on Saturday so I had to keep that in mind when figuring out what could cook when.

The new kitchen greatly helped us not run over each other all day. Having 2 ovens made a big difference even if every item seemed to want a different oven temp. We could use a couple more half-sheet pans for parties.

A number of the items on the menu where store bought as were a couple of dessert type items not listed on the menu. I also put out a big plate of grapes, a bowl of picholine olives and one of the guests brought a bowl of cherries.

All in all I’m happy with how everything came out and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Most of the food was consumed as well so I mark this as a success.

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