Saturday night – 02/16/2008

Last week we were away at dkeali_i celebrating Chinese New Year so there was no Saturday night. Ted made steamed bow to bring and it was very well received by those who were paying attention when it came out. They were devoured within 5 minutes of hitting the table. Crazy good.

This week the roulette wheel fell on poultry as the main course. Everything else was built off of the that.

Roast chicken
Macaroni & cheese (based of Joy of Cooking with customization by Ted)
Sauteed bok choy
Green peas
Rustic bread (homemade by Ted as well)

Cherry fruit swirl bars

Sigh… roasting 2 chickens in the same roasting pan just doesn’t work. I need to find a larger roaster so I can space them a few inches apart. Plus convection would have been a good thing.

At 350°F the 2 8# roasters where in the oven for a bit over 2 hours and had just reached about 140F internal. Since 170F is what you aim for it wasn’t a good one. So I pulled them, rested them for 5 minutes, carved off the breast, sliced that and then nuked it for a couple minutes to complete the cooking. Definitely not my ideal. Some day I’ll learn.


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