Saturday night – 04/21/2008

It was breakfast for dinner this week (or brinner as I like to call it). I asked miss_jenith‘s daughter M what she wanted for dinner this week and she said pancakes… and waffles. When I told her she could only have one of those she opted for the waffles. And so it was. Here’s the menu.

Waffles (recipes from Alton Brown’s Good Eats)
with blueberry maple sauce (inspired by Nigella Lawson)
…. slice strawberries
…. whipped cream
…. maple syrup (both the real and imitation types)
Bacon, lots of bacon
Hot Cross Bun like items (which was part dinner & part dessert)

It’s always a good sign when almost all the food is devoured. 🙂

No Saturday nights for a few weeks due to other obligations. I’ll try to get something else in here in the meanwhile. It’s not like I don’t cook during the rest of the week.