Saturday night – 04/24/2010

We had a full house this week, 14 in total if my memory serves me well.

Mustard glazed baked sausages
Yellow rice with sweet potato & caramelized onions
some other vegetable that I don’t remember at the moment
Olive sourdough bread from Nashoba Brook Bakery

Brownies and ice cream

Notes under the cut

Saturday dinner – 04/17/2010

I keep forgetting to put these up and the whole purpose is so I remember what we had in six months when I’m trying to figure out the last time we had something. Grrr…

Anywho, here’s what we had on 4/17/2010.

Braised dark meat turkey
Egg Noodles
Chickpea side dish
Tomato-basil bread from Panera

Saturday dinner – 04/10/2010

Dinner this week came together really well with Ted deep frying stuff and me handling the sides and bread duty. After dinner we deep fried more things – dough wrapped Oreos, Hersey’s minatures, Lindt chocolate rabbits. And just dough. Very tasty.

Ted’s chicken fingers with homemade barbeque or honey mustard sauces
Roasted potato wedges
Green Beans
Buttermilk biscuits

Oatmeal Easter Rabbit cookies
the aforementioned fried dough

Easter lunch 2010

Sixteen people had Easter lunch at our place this year – 9 adults & 7 children. That’s by far the largest number we’ve had over for a sit down meal. Thankfully the weather was wonderful so we set the kids up on the deck outside with paper plates piled with food. The adults sat at the inside table, within earshot yet relatively peaceful.

Crackers & assorted cheeses
Black olive jam, cream cheese & rosemary boule

Baked Ham
Mashed Potatoes
Grilled asparagus with lemon zest
Glazed carrots
Green salad (from my sister)

Homemade Portugese sweet bread by ted_badger

2 desserts from my sister-in-law and her brother’s girlfriend