Saturday night -07/10/10

It started with carrots this week. Ted and I saw an episode of Jamie at Home where Jamie Oliver made a salad out of a rainbow of carrots. Long thin strips of carrot. Very pretty looking.

The CSA box this week contained a rainbow of carrots. Jamie’s recipe had a Mediterranean feel to me, even though he calls it Indian, so I tried to come up with a menu that fit with that.

The Menu
Turkey “Kofte”
Indian Carrot Salad
Pasta, Pesto and Peas
Grilled bread with olive oil, salt & pepper

Shortbread cookie sandwiches with a cream cheese & chocolate shard filling brushed with chocolate. Think Milano only tastier.


The turkey “kofte” recipe was based on this recipe for lamb kofte. I substituted ground turkey for the lamb and left out the mint. I didn’t make the yogurt or muhammara sauces. And I didn’t make meatballs, cooking the meat as I would for tacos. So mostly I took the spice combination and quantities from this recipe. Still it came out rather tasty.

Part of the CSA box this week was Swiss chard so I substituted that for the frozen spinach in Ina’s Pasta, Pesto & Peas recipe. It worked well.

Also though Ina indicates that you’ll get 4 cups of pesto from the embedded pesto recipe I ended up with less than 2 cups. Which was fine for the recipe however I had planned to slather it on the grilled bread as well.

Kofte was made with 60 oz. ground turkey.
Doubled the carrot salad recipe.
Pasta, Pesto & Peas we made as is.

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