Saturday night – 10/30/10

We received both red kale and turnip greens in the CSA box this week. In an effort to use them up we made a recipe we make fairly often.

While bean and Kale soup
Sauteed kielbasa
Baked sausage with peppers
Soyrizo (a soy chorizo analog)
Beer bread with herbs & jalapeno

Hand made chocolate taffy

notes under the cut

Saturday night – 10/16/10

ted_badger wanted braised beef this week so I built the rest of the menu around that. I’m reasonably happy with the way everything came out.

Beef Braised in Barolo (recipe from Cook’s Illustrated – pay to view, sorry)
Baked Potatoes with assorted accompaniments
Winter Squash with Herbs (recipe under the cut)
Homemade batards by Ted

Giant Cranberry Cookie

Notes under here

Saturday night – 10/09/10

We skipped a couple of Saturday night gatherings for a birthday party and our anniversary. I took a cooking class during the time apart and made a menu of two of the items I learned.

Mango-Coconut Chicken
Israeli Couscous with roasted onions, peppers & summer squash
Sauteed Rainbow Swish Chard
Home-baked Ted Bread

Gingerbread Cake