Saturday night – 01/15/11

We still have a few winter squashes from our CSA box left and I wanted to use one of the butternut squashes. I used a recipe I’ve made several times for our holiday party, an Israeli couscous recipe, as the kicking off point for the rest of the menu.

Pomegrante glazed chicken
Israeli Couscous with roasted butternut squash
Spinach sauteed with garlic
Ted made bread

Blueberry cake

The chicken was based on this recipe. I used drumsticks & thighs instead of individual small birds. I also left out the walnuts since we have a walnut allergy among our friends. I also covered the chicken while it was in the oven, which may have helped to keep it moist. It was tasty though not the most elegant looking.

While the link provided is the basis for the couscous recipe I tend to make a version I came up with several years ago. It omits the onion, due to an allergy again. I also omit the perserved lemon from the couscous recipe, replacing it with the zest & juice from 2 lemons. I also add a couple of bay leaves to the couscous while it is cooking.

Bagged spinach cooked in olive oil with slivered garlic. Cooked 2 bags worth (in 2 batches) and it was all eaten.

Ted made batards for bread.

Ted also made the blueberry cake. It was very good.

We had 12 for dinner (8 adults, 4 children).


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