Saturday Night – 04/09/11

Sometimes a seemingly strange combination of ingredients works out rather tasty. At least that was the consensus this week. I was happy with the results.

Bow tie pasta with roasted butternut squash, oil cured black olives & pine nuts
Green salad with grape tomatoes and roasted red peppers
Meatballs in a quick marinara sauce
Ted bread

Oatmeal snack cake

There were 11 for dinner again (8 adults/3 kids).

I confess that I wasn’t sure the combination of items in the pasta dish would work out. If you must know I had 2 butternut squashes that I bought several weeks ago and then didn’t use. So I wanted to use those up. Add in a desire for a pasta based meal and one ends up trying to figure out what to do. I probably came across a similar combination while looking at cook books, magazines and websites. Anyway the pasta worked out well, for which I’m happy.

I used store-bought meatballs and made a quick sauce of canned tomatoes, grated onion, garlic and a bit of red wine.

The oatmeal snack cake is from Joy of Cooking. I used shortening instead of butter and added golden raisins for some variety. The 13×9 cake didn’t last long.


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