Saturday night – 06/18/11

We ended up having 10 friends over for dinner this week and with a vegetarian menu. I ended up deciding on the pasta dish and the pea dish before anything else. I figured I would find a meat protein at the grocery store when I went shopping. Nothing struck my fancy at a price I was willing to pay so we went meatless. It doesn’t happen often but a meal without meat doesn’t hurt from time to time.

Spring Vegetable Pasta
Braised peas with spring onions & lettuce
Green salad with radishes & roasted red pepper vinaigrette

Strawberry shortcake for dessert

I made 2.5 times the peas as the basic recipe which is a lot of peas & lettuce. We used up 2 heads of lettuce plus green onions from the CSA box on this which was part of the goal.

I left the peas out of the pasta dish since we were having the peas & lettuce. It didn’t seem to suffer from the loss.

We used 2 quarts of strawberries & about 2.5 cups of heavy cream on dessert.

Both “main” dishes were well received. Ted really liked the peas, not so much the pasta.

All told I was happy with the result.


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