What’s in the box – week 8

We are now at week 8 of our CSA share from Siena Farms. This week was full of surprises.

In the top row we have a bag of mesculin, a large bunch of basil and a bunch of red Russian kale.

The second row has two heads of panisse head lettuce, a pile of summer onions and 5 rainbow potatoes.

The bottom row has rainbow carrots, green tomatoes, “fairytale” eggplants, two jalapenos peppers and two green bell peppers.

Saturday night – 07/23/2011

It was so hot over the previous several days that we couldn’t bear the thought of actually cooking much of anything for our regular Saturday night gathering. So a meal to be served at room temperature, or even cold, was put together. It came out fairly well I thought.

Store-bought rotisserie chicken breast, sliced.
Deviled eggs
Black bean, roasted corn and tomato salad
Green salad with sliced cucumbers & baby crock neck squash
Assorted sliced deli meats (pork loan, turkey pastrami and salami)
Mozzarella balls tossed with olive oil & parsley
Sliced tomato & basil cheddar cheese

Dessert was a nice fruit salad of white nectarines, papaya, mango & pineapple with mint.
Plus friends brought chocolate chip cookies & assorted tastiness from Trader Joe’s

What’s in the box – week 7

We are now at week 7 of our CSA share from Siena Farms. Summer is in full swing.

In the top row we have a bag of mesculin, two heads of panisse lettuce and a bunch of red Swiss chard.

The next row has a bunch of basil and another bunch of dill.

The third row has one larger cousa squash and two small two-tone crock neck squashes, a pile of rainbow potatoes and a fresh onion.

The bottom row has several cucumbers, a nice sized eggplant, a couple of Hungarian wax peppers and a bulb of kholrabi.

Saturday night – 07/16/11

We enjoyed a fullish house this week. With summer furniture rearrangement in place to accommodate the a/c it makes for a tight layout for dinner. We make it work though.

I’ve come to realize that if I don’t use a bunch of the CSA veggies on Saturday night we struggle to use up everything before the next box of goodies arrives. So this week the menu reflects that.

Green curry with carrots, summer squash & fennel
Grilled chicken
White rice

Tomato & basil bread (from Panera)

Hermit bars

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