Saturday night – 07/02/11

8 for dinner this week with some of our friends away on the other coast.

Grilled chicken drumsticks with Romesco sauce
Oleana-style orzo salad, this time with peas instead of favas
Roasted beets

Homemade baguettes
Pound cake with blueberries, strawberries, vanilla custard sauce & whipped cream

One of the reasons I keep this record of what we cooked on Saturday night is so I can look back and get some ideas when I am stumped. Looking back a year ago I was reminded of the orzo salad and was able to adapt it to use stuff we had on hand.

15 drumsticks turned out to be enough even though I had 11th hour fears that it wouldn’t be. I did a really simple marinade, barely a marinade at all. I took some of the liquid from the jarred roasted red peppers and poured it over the drumsticks in a zip top bag. I added a bit of salt & pepper. Sealed it up and squished everything around. I’m not sure it flavored the chicken much however they did turn out nice & moist.

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