Saturday night – 09/24/11

Oops… I thought one of the regulars, who is allergic to beef, wasn’t going to be joining us this week so i made a brisket as the main dish. Luckily he’s easy going and when he showed up he just said oh well, it does look wonderful. It’s nice to have friends who go with the flow.

Onion-Braised Beef Brisket
Potatoes Dauphinoise (close approximation here, I used the Bourdain recipe).
Sauteed Eggplant with red pepper, fennel and onion.
Braised Greens

Ted’s homemade bread (the first loaf from his new starter)
Lime pie

Notes under here for the curious.

What’s in the box – week 16

We are now at week 16 of our CSA share from Siena Farms.

In the top row we have a bag of baby lettuce mix, a bulb of fennel, a bunch of Tuscan kale, a head of frisee and a head of tendersweet cabage.

The second row has 3 smallish fairytale eggplants, 3 Tiburon (aka poblano) peppers and a large red shallot.

The bottom row has 4 green tomatoes, a small box of rainbow cherry tomatoes, Hungarian wax peppers, a bunch of cilantro and some baby chioggia beets.

Saturday night – 09/17/11

Dessert was set last week since we celebrate miss_jenith‘s birthday this week. T&M are away so I went with something I knew he wouldn’t care for though she would have enjoyed it I think. Life is a compromise.

Bake Manicotti Puttanesca
Sauteed fairytale eggplant with onions, peppers & pimenton
Italian Sausages
Homemade Ted bread

Pineapple Upside-down Cake (also from Cooks’ Illustrated)

Notes under here for the curious.

What’s in the box – week 15

We are now at week 15 of our CSA share from Siena Farms. We are a bit tired of eggplant. Anyone know a good recipe beyond ratatoulle, parm & dip? Anyone?

In the top row we have basic standard eggplant, a bunch of cilantro and a bunch of red Russian Kale.

The second row has a pile of fairy tale eggplant, (almost) red bell peppers, machiaw eggplant, a bunch of baby red beets and a couple of jalapenos.

The bottom row has a butternut squash, a small box of garlic chive blossoms, 2 leeks, a pile of russet potatoes and 2 cipollini onions.

Saturday night – 09/10/11

We had ten friends for dinner this week. After a week of rain the weather was sunny so I changed plans slightly and cooked the pork on the grill. It came out very tasty.

Grilled pork tenderloin
Rice and lentil pilaf
Roast acorn squash
Green salad with roasted red peppers, cucumbers and walnuts
Badangajan (eggplant dip) as a side for the pork

Peaches baked with brown sugar and served with ice cream

Notes under here for the curious.

What’s in the box – week 14

We are now at week 14 of our CSA share from Siena Farms. No tomatoes this week which is a disappointment. Apparently there have been problems with the tomato crop this year including a bout of early blight and the July/August drought. No joy in tomato-ville

In the top row we have Tuscan kale, a bunch of parsley, a head of escarole and a head of green oak leaf head lettuce.

The second row has 2 cipollini onions, a large pile of fairytale egg plants, some nice red bell peppers and 3 acorn squash.

The bottom row has 3 green jalepenos, a small pile of dragon beans and a bunch of French breakfast radishes.

What’s in the box – week 13

We are now at week 13 of our CSA share from Siena Farms.

In the top row we have a bulb of fennel with fronds, a pile of eggplant and a handfull of Persian cukes.

The second row has a bunch of cilantro, a copra storage onion, some Hungarian wax peppers and some bell peppers.

The bottom row has small container of cherry tomatoes, a small container of husk cherries, a summer squash, 3 plum tomatoes & 1 green zebra tomato, a bunch of green curly kale.