What’s in the box – week 18

We are now at week 18 of our CSA share from Siena Farms. The newsletter indicates that this is the last week for eggplant (hurrah!) and peppers (boo!). We were overwhelmed with eggplant this year, to the point where we were giving them away. Peppers on the other hand fit into almost anything.

In the top row we have a bag of mesclun mix, a head of arrowhead cabbage, a bunch of red Russian kale and a bunch of parsley.

The second row has several machiaw eggplant, a bunch of fall radishes, a bunch of golden beet and a couple parsnips.

The bottom row has a yellow “storage” onion, a green bell better , a couple Tiburon (poblano) peppers, a dozen or so small fairytale eggplants and a parcel of jalapenos.

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