Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve rolls around once again. Ted and I always set out to make something a little different for our friends who join us on this special night. There was much laughter and joy, and good food if I do say so myself.

Assorted nibbles – cheddar & mimmolette cheese, chopped liver, picholine olives, crackers

Salad with roasted beets, sauteed chestnuts, pomegranate, hazelnuts and lemon pomegranate
Homemade rolls

Braised “country-style” pork ribs with butternut squash and tangerine
Forbidden Rice
Roasted Brussels Sprouts

A sweet tart, painted with dark chocolate, filled with vanilla & rose custard and topped with pomegranate seeds, hazelnuts and candied tangerine peel

We used several flavors multiple times. Some combination of tangerine, pomegranate and hazelnuts appeared in all 3 courses in one way or another.

I forgot how big a pain it is to liberate pomegranate seeds. Totally worth it though once it is done.

The Forbidden Rice was delicious. And the color was a very deep purple which was brilliant with the other items on the plate.

The dessert was brought together from pieces of different cooking shows. The pastry crust came from a recipe for pine nut and honey tart by Jamie Oliver. The idea to paint the inside of the cooled tart came from an episode of Two Fat Ladies. The custard flavorings were purely from the mind of ted_badger.

We started the night with a bottle of Cava (Spanish bubbly wine) to start off and then a Ravenswood Icon with dinner.

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