Eating Portsmouth – Saturday Dinner

When I started planning our little getaway a couple weeks back I turned to OpenTable in search of a restaurant for Saturday night. While spontaneous is nice we often get in a rut of what do you want, no what do you want and neither of us ends up satisfied. By finding a place in advance and making a reservation I knew we had one decision made so we could go about our Saturday adventures. I looked for a place with a mix of offerings and cuisines. To make a long story short we ended up dining at Black Trumpet Bistro.

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Eating Portsmouth – Friday Dinner

“A mini-break is true love.” – Bridget Jones

I whisked my husband, Ted, away for a long weekend in Portsmouth (NH) this past weekend. In the next few posts I’ll share some of the places we ate, what impressed me, and what didn’t.

After arriving in Portsmouth we settled into our hotel room and played our favorite game, “no, what do you want for dinner?” After consulting the oracles of OpenTable, Google and Yelp we ended up at 106 Kitchen & Bar. Continue reading

Braised Short Ribs: pressure cooker style

Braised short ribs have become quite the rage with them appearing on restaurant menus and cooking shows a plenty. They can serve as a taco or steamed bun filling at some trending uber-chef place or sit atop a steaming pile of polenta at someplace less trendy.

Trendy doesn’t necessarily mean fast though. Many short rib recipes call for a low and slow approach; several hours in a 300°F oven then a rest overnight followed by of skimming and reheating. Which is great if you have the time.

I pulled some short ribs from the freezer Friday night because I knew I would have time today to cook them. Then time got away from me and I wanted a faster method. Enter the pressure cooker. Boon to time starved cooks around the world.

Here is the result, served over some reheated macaroni & cheese that my husband made last night.

Braised Short Ribs over mac & cheese

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Saturday night – 03/03/2012

I had to work for much of Saturday so my husband Ted took over the cooking duties. He came up with a menu that allowed him to do much of the work ahead of time, allowing for a fairly stress free day for him.

Chicken and Sausage Bake
Macaroni & cheese (from the Joy of Cooking)
Roasted butternut squash with browned butter
Sauteed Swiss chard with garlic and lemon
Sourdough raisin bread from Nashoba Brook Bakery

Meringue with Pear, Chocolate Sauce & Whipped Cream

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