Saturday night – 03/17/2012

When I came up with this menu the high for today was suppose to be 62°F. I think it might have reached 51 at most. Still, it was nice to use the grill again.

Grilled Lemon and Black Pepper Chicken
Central New York Salt Potatoes
Roasted Carrots
Braised Cabbage
Irish Soda Bread

Magic Bars (aka 6 layer bars)

There were 11 for dinner this week (7 adults & 4 kids).

I used a bottled lemon/black pepper marinade because I was feeling rushed. The grill needs a bit of TLC before I use it again; the heat was rather uneven so some of the chicken was crispy black and other pieces were a bit wane.

The potatoes & carrots were well received.

The cabbage was the same recipe we made some months back. I used a full head of green cabbage and about half a head of a purple cabbage we received back in November from in our last CSA box from Sienna Farms. I’m amazed how long it held up. We had a lot left over and are contemplating uses for it.

The Irish soda bread recipe was from Joy of Cooking. Ted made two and baked them in round cake pans. They were very tasty.

The magic bars were from an America’s Test Kitchen compilation. We left out the walnuts since one of our friends has a (black) walnut allergy and we prefer to be careful.


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