Eating Portsmouth – Saturday Lunch

After breakfast we headed to Smuttynose Brewery. for a tour.  Then we headed north to York, ME to visit Stonewall Kitchen. We had lunch in their cafe. So maybe this entry should be titled Eating York.

Had the weather of the past week held out (sunny with highs in the 70s held out) we might have eaten outside. Alas the temps were back to seasonal norms (~high 40s) so we searched for a table in the busy interior of the cafe. We picked up drinks from the cooler (though we could have ordered coffee, beer and wine selection from the counter) and I snagged a table while Ted placed our order. He returned with a table card and shortly our food appeared.

I ordered the lobster BLT. A lightly mayoed lobster salad was served between two thick pieces of toasted brioche with smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and a bit of basil aioli. I choose onion rings as the side (’cause I’m a sucker for onion rings) and they came with a small jar of Stonewall Kitchen country ketchup. Clever marketing, that’s what that is. The sandwich was good, and sadly, expensive. I don’t think it was a $25 sandwich. Still I ate the whole thing and was filled.

Ted claimed a Tarragon Chicken Salad Sandwich as his meal. It was served on a croissant and was overflowing with goodness. At $7 it was also a much more reasonably priced lunch offering. He also enjoyed onion rings with his sandwich. We took one of the small jars of country ketchup home with us for later use.

We were both stuffed by the end of the meal so we skipped dessert. There were many tasty looking options though; perhaps next time we’ll indulge in dessert first.

We spent a bit of time wandering the retail store adjacent to the cafe and picked up a few items to bring home. Ted loves marmalade and picked up a jar lemon pear to add to his collection.

We had hoped to take a class at their cooking school however it was canceled the day before our trip. The instructor couldn’t make it to Portsmouth. We enjoyed ourselves anyway and I’m sure we’ll make an attempt on another day.

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