Saturday night – 05/12/2012

We had an afternoon cookout for my sister-in-law’s birthday so we wanted a menu that we could pull together quickly when we returned home.

Vegetarian chili with sour cream and cheddar cheese
Taco spiced ground pork
Skillet corn bread

Frosted yellow cake with orange-elderflower marmalade

Slightly smaller group this week (7 adults & 3 kids).

The veggie chili consisted of onion, green pepper, red kidney beans, pinto beans, diced & crushed tomatoes, frozen roasted corn kernels and chili powder. It came out well and not overly spicy.

The pork was spiced with more chili powder plus ground cumin & coriander. A bit of water was added with the spices to make a bit of sauce.

Ted cooked the corn bread in his cast-iron skillet. Lovely crispy bits.

Ted also cooked the cake; I think from one of the various America’s Test Kitchen books we have. He asked me to make the frosting & frost the cake. One of the things my dad taught me long ago was that putting some sort of jelly or jam between the cake layers is very tasty. So I checked the jelly cabinet and found a jar of orange-elderflower marmalade from Ikea. It made a nice contrast to the basic frosting I made. Ted added a bit of chopped candied tangelo peel he made last month.


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