Saturday night – 09/08/2012

We were out of town last week and somehow it seemed like we were away for months.  It was nice to cook a big meal for friends again; very satisfying.

A general principle I have for our Saturday night gatherings is limit the new recipes to one, two max. I really enjoy cooking something I haven’t made before. That said there is always something not quite right, especially in cookbook recipes from professional cooks. The timing isn’t quite right, I don’t have a key ingredient for another, prep takes longer than I guessed, the balance of flavors is just weird, etc. At least if I only tackle one new thing I can usually work around it.

Roasted Buttermilk Chicken
Slow-cooker Curried Chickpeas (following this recipe)
Baked white rice with mint
Sourdough bread

Peach upside-down layer cake (from Miss J)

There were 10 for dinner this week (6 adults & 4 kids).

This week’s new recipe is brought to you from the While Chasing Kids Blog. I saw the post of Indian Chloe and thought it sounded tasty. I neglected to soak the chickpeas overnight so I simmered them for about 40 minutes before putting them in the slow-cooker. I cooked on high for 5 hours. They were tasty with a really nice texture and a tantalizing aroma. I pretty much doubled everything, using 2 one pound bags of dried chickpeas which yielded something like 2 1/4 cups of chickpeas each. Instead of canned tomatoes I used some of the abundance from our tomato plants, a mix of red grape, orange cherry and green zebras. We did have a fair amount leftover and what I don’t eat for lunch will go into the freezer.

The roast buttermilk chicken is something I’ve made before. I used 18 drumsticks, so a bumped the rest of the ingredients by 1.5 to compensate. After cooking at 425 until done they still looked a bit pale so I put them under the broiler for about 5 minutes. Hello charred goodness.

The rice recipe is from Joy of Cooking. I used veggie broth instead of chicken and added some chopped fresh mint just before serving.

Bread was from the store, no time to make our own today. Dessert was courtesy of Miss J who picked peaches at T&M’s property, made peach jam and wanted peach upside-down cake. It was oh, so, tasty.


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