Commentary on Weeknight Roast Chicken

Some people keep a recent copy of the New Yorker or TV Guide next to the arm chair, I keep food magazines. We subscribe to several and we keep most of them. Cook’s Illustrated is a favorite and they are often our go to source for recipes we know will deliver.

Dude, it's a chicken and it has been roasted.When I saw their recipe for Weeknight Roast Chicken I thought ‘how clever, I’ll have to try that’. As a picture is worth more than 999 words here is the result.

As simple as the recipe is (to summarize – high heat oven, preheat oven and pan at same time, rub chicken with oil, salt and pepper, add chicken to hot pan, cook) it was not without a few challenges.

The first problem was the smoke alarm going off. Apparently I’m not nearly as good at cleaning the inside of my oven as I am at cooking things inside my oven.

The second problem was that the lovely crisp skin lost it’s crispness while the chicken rested. It was sad really because it was such lovely crisp skin.

The final problem was that the breast came out a bit dry. The dark meat was still succulent though and everything did cook through at the same time.

In conclusion it was a good effort and worth a repeat… sometime after the inside of the oven has been cleaned.


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