Saturday night – 10/06/2012

When vegetarians are away we often make meat-integrated meals. Others might call them casseroles. We made a casserole of sorts, a very tasty sort of casserole.

Shepherd’s Pie
(Probably) the last of this year’s tomatoes, quartered or halved as appropriate, undressed

Apple Crisp with vanilla ice cream

There were 12 for dinner this week (8 adults & 4 kids).

When I speak of “this year’s tomatoes” I am referring to the ones Ted grew in our garden this year. If the frost holds out another week we could potentially have more tomatoes. If frost seems likely I’ll gather what I can of the unripe ones and hope they finish ripening indoors. That doesn’t always work out for us.

I make my shepherd’s pie recipe in something larger than a 13″x9″ dish. It is squared-off oval shaped, 14.5″x10″ (at the widest). It’s also a good inch taller than the usual 13″x9″ glass dish. It serves a lot of people.


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