Saturday night – 10/27/2012

Grilled chicken thighs with a creamy chipotle sauce
Mexican Green Rice
Roasted Beets with candied tangerine peel
Sauteed Lima beans
Ted bread

Yellow cake with cherry frosting in the middle and chocolate ganache “icing”

There were 9 for dinner this week (6 adults & 3 kids).

The chipotle sauce was adapted from this recipe. Rather than cooking the chicken in the sauce I served it on the side. It had a nice spiciness without a lot of heat.

I made the green rice without the cilantro as one of our friends thinks it tastes like soap. I replaced the cilantro with more parsley, added some chives that are still growing out back and used a couple of shallots as we didn’t have any onion. Very tasty. Oh, I used veggie broth as well.

My Ted made the cake from scratch. I think the yellow cake was from a recipe by Cook’s Illustrated. He spread a layer of cherry preserves on the bottom cake, added some cherry preserved flavored butter frosting on top of that and followed it with another layer of cherry preserves. He added the second layer of the cake and then topped the whole thing with chocolate ganache and a cherry.


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