Saturday night – 12/01/2012

This week we celebrated the birthday of our friend Gary. He wanted pasta with spicy sausages and greens. Thus we found this week’s menu.

Homemade tagliatelle with hot sausages, red peppers and spinach
Salad with lemon & thyme vinaigrette

Yellow cake with a dried fruit-nut-caramel filling and butter frosting.

There were 6 for dinner this week (5 adults & 1 kids).

Ted made the homemade pasta and the cake. I handled the sausages, pasta “sauce” and salad.

I bake the sausages for about 40 minutes and then browned them in the skillet before serving. I had both hot sausages and some sweet Italian sausages. Ideally they would have been mixed with the pasta for serving however I wanted to give folks a choice in spiciness.

The “sauce” isn’t much of a sauce at all but rather a bunch of stuff tossed with the cooked pasta. I sauteed julienned onion and red pepper in olive oil, added some chopped garlic and then wilted a pound of spinach. Seasoned with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and the juice/zest of one lemon. I added the cooked pasta to this, tossed it to combine and served it up.

The salad consisted of Boston & red leaf lettuce, English cucumbers (halves, deseeded and then cut into half moons) and roasted red peppers.

The filling for the cake came from the mind of Ted with some inspiration from something called a “lane cake”. We saw it on an episode of Cook’s Country.


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