Recipe Review: Low-Fat Fudgy Brownies

Podcasts are one of the many blessings of the Internet (seriously).  Among other things they make it possible to keep up with radio programs I am never around to hear when they are broadcast over the airwaves.  One of my favorites is America’s Test Kitchen Radio, from the producers of Cook’s Illustrated. I enjoy the call in segment the most; it’s kind of fun to guess what Chris and Bridget are going to give me answers.

Toward the end of the show they give a radio rundown of a recipe makeover. One of the test kitchen cooks explains how they took something general not-so-good and made it better. On the most recent episode I listened to the recipe was for low-fat fudgy brownies. It peaked my interest because, well, I like a fudgy brownie and low-fat isn’t a dirty phrase if it tastes good.

I made them this past Friday night while I waited for the blizzard that hit New England to rev up to full speed. The results were pretty good. I’ll give them high marks for the fudgy descriptor. Even several days later they were still moist and left a bit of brownie on the knife as I sliced it.

The chocolate flavor was a bit muted. That’s most likely my fault for using chocolate that was past its prime. They made a tasty brownie sundae; there goes the low-fat. 🙂

Give them a try when you have a chance and let me know what you think.

Recipe link: Low-Fat Fudgy Brownies


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