Saturday night – 04/06/2013

When our vegetarian friend is away we often practice meat-integration for the Saturday night gathering. I came across the main dish last year, liked the sounds of it and added it to the “try this someday” list of bookmarks. The result was pretty tasty. It was maybe a bit thicker than I expected, something that I’d remedy next time with a bit of milk or some chicken broth. It made for a very hearty meal.

Creamy Chicken & Pepper Pie, minus the cornbread crust
White Rice

Homemade chocolate pudding (this ain’t no box creation darling)

There were 10 of us for dinner this week (6 adults; 4 child).

As I mentioned in the menu above I made the main dish without the cornbread crust. We wanted to serve cornbread on the side so that those who wanted more (or less) could have what they wanted. So perhaps this would be better called “creamy chicken and pepper stew”.

I saved the liquid from poaching the chicken and used some of it to make the rice. It had a light chicken flavor, sort of a week broth.

By the way, the stew made really tasty leftovers at work this past week.

Ted made a triple batch of the pudding (recipe source unknown by your faithful archivist). That was too much pudding for Saturday night. It has been tasty all week though.


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