Saturday night – 08/03/2013

I decided to make ham for our friend T’s birthday. When I asked my husband what he wanted to go with ham he said potatoes, more specifically Red Curry Scalloped Potatoes. The rest just sort of fell into place.

Baked Ham
Thai Red Curry Scalloped Potatoes
“Blackened” Patty Pan Squash with thyme and lemon zest
Wax Beans with chives
Ted-made Brown Bread

Meringue with Pear, Chocolate Sauce & Whipped Cream

There were 13 of us for dinner this week (9 adults; 4 child).

For the Thai red curry potatoes I modified a scalloped potato recipe from one of my cookbooks and added some store-bought Thai red curry paste and sweet red paprika. It came out fairly well. My husband certainly liked it and I think others did as well. I’ll work up a recipe this week.


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