Saturday night – 09/14/2013

The inspiration for this menu is leftover corn tortillas. Leftover corn tortillas leads to cheese enchiladas. We had rice last week so I didn’t want to repeat it this week. A big green salad though is lovely this time of year with so much local produce to enjoy. Dessert is our traditional gift to the (almost) birthday girl.

Cheese Enchiladas
Green Salad with radishes, quick pickled shallots and assorted tomatoes with vinaigrette.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (login required to view recipe)

There were 10 of us for dinner this week (6 adults; 4 child).

The enchiladas, while tasty, turned into an amorphous blob rather than remaining individual tortilla filled items. I suspect the 1 hour wait been when we finished filling them and when they went into the oven did in the structural integrity of the tortillas. Next time I’ll make them closer to when they need to go into the oven.


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