Saturday night – 03/22/2014

Whenever our vegetarian friend is away we try to make something meat-centric or, as we say at home, meat-integrated. I was a bit stumped because I had recently used pasta and rice as part of Saturday night dinner and wasn’t sure where to go with a casserole or stew. So I flipped through various cook books until I found something that interested me for a main dish. It seemed a bit lacking in the vegetable department so I added some carrots, with bacon. Both items were a big hit.

Pozole (Pork and Hominy in a Mexican-style)
Glazed Carrots with Bacon
Ted bread

Oatmeal Cookies

13 gathered for dinner this week (8 adults; 5 kids).

The pozole is based on a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen’s The New Best Recipe. It’s basically a pork shoulder oven-braised in flavorful liquid. Once the pork is pull apart tender you use the same liquid to cook the hominy. Shred the meat, return it to the pot and you have a tasty stew.

We had a small accident with the the chile sauce we served on the side. An errant bump on the table sent it covering the tablecloth, floor and a couple of chairs. We have been meaning to reupholster those chairs anyway.

The carrots are cut uniformly, simmered in chicken broth, tossed with brown sugar and then mixed with some cooked bacon. Very tasty and sweet.

Ted made his regular loaf bread which is hearty and tasty. It was great for sopping up the liquid from the pozole, so much so that it ate into my Sunday morning toast stash.


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