Saturday night – 03/29/2014

We had a full house this week which is always a treat, and a challenge. In the process of preparing dinner I think I used every bowl we own, 2 Dutch ovens, a stock pot, the tea kettle and a non-stick saute pan that has seen better non-stick days. Everything came out pretty much as expected and was well received so I’m happy with the results.

Vegetable Curry
Sauteed Chicken Strips
Yellow Rice
Kale and White Beans (roughly based on this recipe)

Fruit Salad (for dessert)

14 gathered for dinner this week (10 adults; 4 kids).

The curry and rice concepts were pulled from a cookbook I own named Something for Everyone. I say concepts because while I used the general ingredient list and techniques in both recipes I didn’t really follow either recipe. Trying to triple a recipe written for 4 servings will do that to you.


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