Saturday night – 05/03/2014

Some weeks menu creation is more effort than others. I didn’t even have a vague idea of what I wanted to make until I grabbed a few cookbooks and went in search of a bok choy recipe I remembered making once before.

Grilled boneless chicken with orange-cumin glaze
Rice & Lentil Pilaf
Roasted Bok Choy
Spanish Chickpeas (from Moosewood Celebrates)
Sourdough bread

“Pricey” Brownies for dessert

12 gathered for dinner this week (8 adults; 4 kids).

The glaze consisted of reduce orange juice, ground cumin and a bit of honey. I slapped it on during the last 5 minutes or so of cooking.

The rice and lentil pilaf was made minus the carrot, plus red bell pepper (because I thought I bought carrots last week however I apparently didn’t).

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