Saturday night – 06/07/2014

I had planned on grilling up a mess of chicken drumsticks today, making some mint rice and a couple of sides. Then the regular gathering of 13 dropped to 7 as the day progressed. I stashed chicken in the freezer for another time and picked up some lamb at the grocery store. An enormous head of napa cabbage procured from Mass. Local Food took the place of the rice. The other two sides remained the same. All in all a tasty meal.

Ground Lamb with Cumin
Braised Napa Cabbage
Foil-pack Asparagus
Slow-cooker Curried Chickpeas (following this recipe)

Cherry Tart with Pecan Streusel

7 gathered for dinner this week (5 adults; 2 kids).

I cooked the ground lamb in the manner I do for for Jamie Oliver’s Indian Carrot Salad, subbing cumin for the garam masala. The cabbage was braised with shallots, garlic and cider vinegar. At Ted’s suggestion I put the lamb in the center of a platter and surrounded it with the cabbage. A little mint for garnish completed the dish. It was quite good.

I made a foil-pack for the asparagus with a little olive oil, butter and lemon slices. I tossed the foil pack on the grill and proceeded to overcook it. This one needs more experimentation.

Dried chickpeas are a funny thing. Even when they are cooked they never match my mind expectation for the tooth-feel of canned chickpeas. The dish was good though.

Ted made the tart by cobbling together pieces from a couple of other recipes. It was delicious.


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