Saturday night – 07/18/2015

We’re in a odd part of the year where random Saturday events are keeping us from our regular Saturday night schedule. We skipped last week so that we could attend a cookout/fundraiser and we’ll be skipping this coming Saturday so that I can stunt host a local poetry event. Still we did hold a Saturday night this week with tasty food worth remembering.

Grilled pork chops
Israeli Couscous with Peas, Pine Nuts and Pickled Shallots
Fresh Corn Succotash
Ted’s Extra-Fancy Loaf

Broiled Peaches with Gingersnap Crumble

9 gathered for dinner this week (8 adults; 1 kid).

The couscous and succotash were both based on Cook’s Illustrated recipes. I received them in separate email blasts from them during the previous week. I usually don’t try multiple new things at the same meal. That said the couscous was similar enough to one I’ve made several times that I figured it was worth the chance. Both were quite successful and are worthy of a repeat performance somewhere down the line. My version of the couscous was different enough from Cook’s that I may write it up.

I brined the pork chops for an hour before grilling them. These were about 1/2″ thick, bone-in chops. They came out quite tasty with a lovely bit of saltiness near the bone.

I happened upon a bag of Gingersnaps that I made back in May hiding in the drawer. They were staler than dirt yet free of mold or funk so I tried a bit. They still tasted good. Ted ground them up in the spice grinder and served it over peaches broiled with a bit of brown sugar and whipped cream.


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