Saturday night – 08/08/2015

Dinner this week was courtesy of a toss together meal I made earlier in the week using the technique from the Milk-Can Supper recipe from Cook’s Country. I was reminded of how much I enjoyed the original and decided that having steamed brats twice in one week was fine, as long as it wasn’t every week.

Milk-Can Supper
Seeded Levain from BirchTree Bread Company

Raspberry Wheat Bars

11 gathered for dinner this week (10 adults; 1 kid).

I made the Milk-Can Supper with 15 brats and had 1/2 a brat left. In the future I should probably go with 20 brats if I want enough leftover to enjoy with a work lunch. The veg in this are great however the sausages are the star in my mind.

Ted made up the Raspberry Wheat Bars. They were very tasty and the raspberry filling had a lovely plum colored hue.

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