Saturday night – 12/26/2015

This week we had a ‘canned good apocalypse pot luck’. The guidelines were that guests we asked to bring any combination of canned foods to help make a meal (or maybe just a mess). While they could mix canned goods together the only “extra” ingredient allowed is water. Cooking via stovetop, oven or microwave was encouraged ’cause raw canned goods are kind of nasty. Or they could cook their tasty canned good offering at home and bring it along pot-luck style.

Deviled ham with mustard on crackers (Ted)
Canned spray cheese wtih crackers (Gary)
Green Bean Casserole (Bob)
Tomato Soup (Michelle and Tom)
Vegetarian baked beans (Jenith and kids)
Beef-a-roni (Jenith and kids)
Fruit cocktail (Jenith and kids)
Carrots, peas and creamed corn – not mixed together thankfully (Jenith and kids)
Canned Brown Bread (Jenith and kids)

Canned Steamed Pudding and canned custard (Gary)
Peaches (broiled w/Golden Syrup)
Canned cookies (Bob)

9 gathered for dinner this week (6 adults; 3 kids).

Let’s never do this again.

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