Saturday night – 02/27/2016

I struggled to nail down a menu for this week’s gathering. My brain kept going to some type of stew however everyone was really just a rehash of one of the chilies we enjoyed last week. In the end I used a couple go-to preparations and winged it.

Slow-cooker Pork Loin with Bacony Gravy
Wild and Brown Rice with Sauteed Onions and Red Pepper
Braised Kale and Small White Beans


8 gathered for dinner this week (7 adults; 1 kid).

The pork was rubbed with salt, pepper and herb de Provence, set in a cold slow-cooker and cooked on low for 3 hours. The result was tender. It went really well with the gravy, which was made with bacon fat, flour, veggie broth and the liquid that came out of the pork loin while it cooked.

The rice was a way of using up a package of Bob’s Red Mill Wild Rice. I cooked the rice in a combination of chicken broth and water. I separately sauteed a diced onion and red pepper in olive oil. When the rice was done I folded in the onion/pepper.

Ted made the gingerbread and it was delicious.

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