Saturday night – 04/09/2016

Dinner tonight is brought to you by a random click on an ad on Facebook that brought me to a New York Times recipe that wasn’t as interesting as it looked. That said I liked the concept of chicken with mustard so I thought I’d figure something else out which worked out really well.

This meal turned out to be very colorful on the plate. I’m very happy with how it came out.

Chicken with Mustard Sauce
Warm Farro with Cranberries, Pecans, and Herbs
Honey-glazed Rutabaga
Roasted Asparagus

13 gathered for dinner this week (9 adults; 4 kid).

For the chicken I browned thighs and then transferred them to a 250°F to finish cooking through. I added flour to make a loose roux, added chicken broth and scraped the bottom of the skillet to free up the fond. I reduce the liquid for about 5 minutes and then I added dried mustard, Dijon mustard and a whole grain mustard until the mustard flavor was dominant. I added thinly sliced onions and let them cook for about 15 minutes at a simmer. I adjusted salt and pepper to taste and served it on the side with the browned thighs.

The farro dish is from Cook’s Illustrated. I used dried cherries instead of cranberries because I had them on hand.

I used apple juice instead of whiskey with the rutabaga. The dish came out a little sweet; something to think about in the future.


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