Saturday night – 03/18/2017

Tonight’s menu was a tribute to the cultural holiday that happened yesterday by which I mean St. Patrick’s Day. A couple of older recipes mixed with a fresh green salad. Our friend G provided a wee bit of local craft Stout as well.

Guiness-braised Pork Shoulder
Salt “Crusted” Potatoes
Green Salad with Red Peppers, Radishes and Baby Cucumbers
Our Standard Vinaigrette
Spiced Pecans
Irish-American Soda Bread

11 gathered for dinner this week (7 adults; 4 kid).

I added a tsp. of coriander seeds to the braised pork, to good effect. I also used double the water from my original recipe so that the liquid was more than 1/2 way up the hunk of meat. The braising liquid was flavorful but not overly salty so I strained it and served it on the side. There’s a couple of lunches of meat left. Note to self – the yellow Dutch oven was probably too small. Move up to a larger size next time if you use a 7.5 lb. shoulder.

I made 4.5 lbs. of “baby” red potatoes and there might be 3/4 of a pound left.

Ted made the soda bread. We used it as both part of the meal and dessert.


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