Saturday night – 07/22/2017

In an effort to minimize heat generation in the kitchen (’cause it is July and steamy) I prepped and cooked over the course of the day. Baking took place earlier in the day, eggs were hard cooked a bit later with the exhaust hood running strong and the mains were reheated just before dinner. The strategy, along with some strategically placed fans, seemed to work well.

Beef or Black Bean Summer Squash tacos
with various toppings (avocado, tomato salsa, corn+chili salsa,
sour cream, cheese, diced tomatoes)
Deviled Eggs
Mixed Greens

Banana Bread
Cherry Clementine Popsicles

9 gathered for dinner this week (7 adults; 2 kids).

The beef taco filling was from the freezer and leftover from a couple of months back. I’m just pleased it stayed on top of the freezer drawer so that it could provide inspiration for dinner. Too often bulk leftovers go into the freezer with the best intentions and eventually end up in the trash can because we can’t remember what they are, let alone when we made them.

The Deviled Eggs utilized the steam-cooking-ice-bath method I learned about, and tested, last year. Easy shelling hard-boiled eggs is a blessing on a day bordering on too hot.

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