Some day this might be the website for an amazing coffee shop that I can picture in my mind.

Until then it’s the blog of one Bob Bill Phil Gill. Glad to meet yah. Kick your shoes off if you like, stretch out in that comfy chair over there and relax for a bit. I like to cook, eat, and fiddle with food.  This blog is a spot for me to jot down recipes, share menus from our (mostly) weekly gathering of friends on Saturday night, offer my thoughts on food and so forth.  I hope you find something of interest to you while you are here.

Also contributing on occasion will be my husband Ted.  Ted really understands how cooking works, you know, the science of it.  He regularly improvise recipes, especially for bread.  Oh, he bakes some tasty bread.

A note about Saturday Night…
There are a lot of entries here titled “Saturday Night — mm/dd/yy” and some might wonder what those represent. Some time in the early 90s a few friends started coming over on Saturday night to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. I cooked dinner or we ordered pizza or something because people gotta eat.

Time moved forward, friends brought other friends, different dietary needs emerged, I bought a house, new friends joined in, ST:TNG changed to Deep Space 9, kids were born and Saturday Night grew into a thing of its own.

At present Saturday Night represents a weekly gathering where around a dozen people come over to our house each week for dinner. I typically come up with the menu based on some random criteria like it is X’s birthday or pork tenderloin is on sale. Ted most frequently handles the bread and dessert end of things. We enjoy cooking and this gives us an outlet, and a challenge.

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