Saturday night – 05/06/2017

Dinner this week was brought to you by rainy weather which ruined my plans for grilled chicken. A couple hours in a soy sauce based marinade turned the standard chicken thighs into something very flavorful. The rest of the menu made use of produce that was waiting to be used up. All told a rather good meal.

Soy-glazed Chicken Thighs
Rice with Mushrooms and Onion
Roasted Beets

Spice Cookie Bars

Notes under the cut

Saturday night – 04/22/2017

The turkey came first, at least in this menu preparation. It had been sitting, frozen and waiting, in the freezer since after Christmas when my mother gifted it to me so it wouldn’t take up room in her freezer. My husband mentioned the rice in passing, thought I think he was more interested in how we have used the leftovers in the past than the side dish itself. The other sides dishes came from foraging at the megamart for what looked good.

Dessert came from looking at a past menu. The cake itself is not very sweet; the frosting makes up for it with gusto.

Roast Turkey
Mexican Green Rice
Skillet Cauliflower with Red Pepper
Roasted Asparagus with Sherry Vinegar

No-kneed Bread

Old-fashioned Apple Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting

Notes under the cut

Saturday night – 04/08/2017

V asked if she could bring two guests this week so I wanted a heaping lot of food that would be acceptable to teenagers. Tacos came to mind, ’cause who doesn’t enjoy a taco now and then. I, of course, made too much food.

Ground Beef Tacos and Turkey Tacos
with various fixings (see note)
Baked “Spanish” Rice
Zucchini and Beans

Hot Cross Buns, for dessert

Notes under the cut

Saturday night – 03/18/2017

Tonight’s menu was a tribute to the cultural holiday that happened yesterday by which I mean St. Patrick’s Day. A couple of older recipes mixed with a fresh green salad. Our friend G provided a wee bit of local craft Stout as well.

Guiness-braised Pork Shoulder
Salt “Crusted” Potatoes
Green Salad with Red Peppers, Radishes and Baby Cucumbers
Our Standard Vinaigrette
Spiced Pecans
Irish-American Soda Bread

Notes under the cut