Lobster melt

There’s a restaurant just outside of Harvard Square in Boston where my husband enjoyed a lobster melt some years back. It sounded good at the time and I had a hankering for one to celebrate the summer holiday.

I picked up a couple of 1# lobsters at the supermarket and had them steam them while I finished my shopping. The next day I pulled the meat from the shell and chopped it up a bit so that there were large pieces of meat rather than a whole lobster tail.

During the day Ted made a loaf of yummy bread. Once it was cool I cut a couple of thick pieces off for each of us.

I added about 2 tablespoons of mayo to the lobster meat along with a bit of salt and some freshly ground pepper. Basically a very lightly doctored lobster salad.

I then made what is in essence a grilled cheese sandwich, with lobster salad, cheddar cheese and bacon. Because everything is better with bacon!